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Thread: WL-167g schematics or just external antenna (help needed)

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    WL-167g circuit or just external antenna (help needed)

    Hi. I have wl-167g ver.2 (yeah, second revision) and I wanna mount an external antenna. The thing is, I can't find a proper scheme or existing tutorial for my card. I have found several for ver.1 though.

    If anyone has a decent information on this problem, you're welcome Thanks in advance.

    (Attached 167g v.2 shots)

    (1.6mb each)
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    Im going to be buying this card today, and a connector so i can solder on my own antenna. I will keep posting here as long as there is interest, we can figure this one out.

    By the way the links you posted, the host is dead, try imageshack.

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    Sure. Keep it up. BTW, bayimg is ok. Maybe it was down for maintenance or kinda that.

    So you don't know for sure how to connect antenna for the time being?

    Looking forward.

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    any progress?

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    Smile Asus 167 antena hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by vuk View Post
    it's version 1...

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    Quote Originally Posted by apsman View Post
    it's version 1...
    There`s a second one ? where?

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    Look at images in the 1st post... and read the tiny writing on the top-left corner of the PCB.

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    WL-167G antenna connector

    On USB 802.11B and earlier routers manufacturers used UF.L connectors.

    Now the thing is MHF connectors. They are made by

    I contacted them but have not received anything back from their headquarters in Texas, yet. I'll check my email again and get back to the board.

    [Remove the black plastic rectangular ventilated shell at this point]

    If you have a v1 (blue antenna chip), it's very easy to add an external connector. Get the CONREVSMA003.031, or the .062. If you get the .031, you need to spread the ground pins apart a bit, the board is actually slightly thicker than .031. If you use the .062 you must use a spacer. There is a very good guide online on how to do the modification:

    In short: Desolder the blue antenna chip. And connect the CONREVSMA003 over the existing traces. Takes about 5-10 minutes.

    Another guide exists, using a different connector, but it is a hack-job using a different connector, and very complex requiring a lot of different tools. I don't recommend it.

    If you -had- a v1, and it 'died', you need to bake it. Put it in aluminium foil (without the case), preheat your oven to 200▫C, and bake for 7 minutes.

    If you have a v2, or you do not want to remove the internal antenna on a v1, then you need an MHF connector from It would be best to get a commercially-made MHF pigtail which terminates in an RP-SMA. When I hear more about the it I'll post.
    and thanks for all the fish

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    Hoho.. It's been a long time. Thanks. Nothing changed.. still., though

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    Re: MHF Connector part number

    Thanks for posting a follow-up, v2 owner.

    I got the notice in my inbox of your post. Handy that.

    The MHF Connector part number on the v2 board is a 20279-001E-01:

    "I was able to contact Tom Merten of I-pex this morning. Tom tells me
    that this is the 20279-001E-01 MHF connector.
    The mate to it would be our 20278-whatever else is used with it.
    If you have a drawing showing length and connector type for the other
    end of the pigtail, we can quote you production quantities. If you
    need less than that, you might be able to find some guys on the internet
    who carry inventory of standard pigtails for mhf/u.fl connectors.
    Let me know.
    Phil Clark"

    Production qty's means, a LOT!

    I found:
    "Wellshow/Jared Lin" <well_show@seed/REMOVETHIS/.net./Remove/tw>
    Who wrote:
    "It's our pleasure to get your inquiry. Small order is welcome for hot items always, but we will charge "handling charge" to cover international bank fee. Can you let me know what quantity you need and advise the RPSMA is female body or male body?? We also need to know what diameter cable you want for this cable. If you have no idea about cable choose, we suggest 1.13mm because it's the most popular one and also the cost is lowest.

    One more question is can you provide your company profile by return? I need to know your company name, website, tel. number, country ... to prepare a quotation for you.

    We wait for your reply to offer a official quotation sheet.

    Merrry X'mas & Happy New Year!

    Best regards,

    Mindy Su / 蘇美儀" (Chinese stuff)

    So I would suggest a 'small order' of say 20 parts, 10 shipped to the USA and 10 to the EU? We could split it up among the users on the board. I'm in Berlin and can ship to all of the EU quite cheaply, for about 3-4 euros. This connector is used on almost all USB WLAN radios, including the D-Link DWL-G122 rev C (a RT73 chipset) and a Zydas 1211-based radio I looked at.

    Pigtail: MHF - 1.13 - Female (external threads) RP-SMA
    and thanks for all the fish

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    Unfortunately, I'm not in the US, not in EU as well.. ):

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    Antenna mod for WL-167g version 2

    I found this earlier today. I think it may be what you need(ed) for version 2.

    I haven't tried it myself (yet).

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    Thumbs up

    Thank you, kardeş : ) I was quite surprised to see your reply as topic is old and frankly is now obsolete. I think I altered my wireless key the same month I posted the last message.

    Nevertheless I recommend everyone interested looking at those pages Selim left the link to.

    Thank you again and good luck!

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