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Thread: OT: Any interest

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    that's just the problem ... :-(

    ASUS only has the _source code_ (all 165 MBytes of it) for download for versions and

    only version is availabe as normal firmware to update your WL-300g.

    and only the guy who wrote the review got the newer version ...

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    Asus gives testers firmware so they get good results and then keep it away from the public?

    This really sux's!!

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    don't worry..
    i'll get it from them..

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    required features

    Some features which will be very useful in WL-300g and other ASUS APs:
    1. detailed logging of connections

    2. some kind of autoexec - ability to create NVRAM parameters e.g.
    which should be executed during system startup

    3. password protected telnet

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    Hey guys i got a question; is it just me or does the WL-300G dies if your downloading too much?? Or is it that it can't handle too much connections at the same time?

    Cause this only happens to me when im downloading movies with G3 Torrent. The strange thing is that MSN Messenger and that torrent client continue doing there thing but IE is dead.

    PS: No its not my ISP im on a 4608/512 connection and if I restart the WL-300G everything works fine again. Im using Firmware version


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