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Thread: Do I have now a white dead brick??

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    Unhappy Do I have now a white dead brick??


    I try to update the firmware (from to with:
    a. Open a new browser window and go to (or whatever IP address your router is running on)
    b. Logon to your router
    c. Click on "Configuration"
    d. Click on "Advanced Settings" (top of the screen)
    e. Click on "System Setup" (right bottom of the screen)
    f. Click on "Firmware Upgrade" (right bottom of the screen)

    That did not work. On the router only the Ready light did flash and the other lights where out.

    Did try:
    1. Unplug the power cord of your router for about 10-20 seconds
    2. Hold the orange EZSetup-button while plugging power on
    3. Once the blue Ready LED is blinking unhold immediately EZSetup button.
    4. Wait 10 seconds
    5. Start the Firmware-Restore tool on your desktop computer to upload a working firmware (do not start it before any of the earlier steps).

    On the router the ready light is only on, but no other lights! Also there is no network connection and the HD did not spin up.

    De restore tool can't find any thing.

    Reset button give also nothing.

    Only thing what it does is Ready light is flashing, is on or is off. And other lights do nothing and no HD spinning. And no network connection.

    Nice to do a firmware update:-(

    So do I have now a white brick that I can throw away?? Or have somebody any ideas??


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    It's definitely not bricked. At a minimum, the bootloader is still functioning. Search this forum for "tftp" and "flash.trx" for instructions how to recover.

    - K.C.

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