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Thread: Looking for a AP working with Asus

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    Looking for a AP working with Asus

    I'm looking for a wireless AccessPoint working with my wl-700ge. I'd like to connect my Sat receiver to the wirless lan. I've read that the the wl-520g should do that.
    It would be nice when the ap can also work as a repeater.

    Has anyone an idea what I should buy?? aah and not so expensive please :-)


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    Longshine® LCS-WA5-40

    i us this and i never seen better and more cheaply than WA5-40.

    i use WA5-40 with my dbox2 without problems.

    WA5-40 have many option.

    ap station
    and more..

    is not the best, but for 35€ i think is the best.

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