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    there is a WL-167g which is usb and ralink chipset...
    seems support linux.

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    Question linux with wl-167g

    hi there,
    i just bought asus wl-167g adaptor and i can't seem to get it running with linux suse 9.1.
    supposedly it should work with redhat 7.1 and up versions.
    did anyone get this running? where could i go searching for drivers?
    it looks great and runs just fine in xp...
    hope someone can help

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    wl-167g & linux suse

    once! anyone??? thnx

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    Asus 167

    yes, works fine with linux, rh7.2 did it for me, and freebsd 6.0 too
    don`t know newer version of linux, but ra2500 modules are common now in linux ditros

    check this out too :

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    Cool wl167G hires pictures

    Check this out :
    I also have 4800dpi BMPs but are huge , 70mb each.
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