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Thread: Internet connection issue

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    Internet connection issue

    Having had a quite lengthy browse of this forum, you guys seem quite knowledgable in all things asus and router related. Perhaps you can help me out....

    My setup:

    WL-500g in home gateway mode connected to D-link dsl-300t ethernet adsl modem. These are in turn connected wirelessly to two computers (1 with a Buffalo card, and the other an Asus WL-138g wireless card). All these things detect each other and connect to each other with 128bit WEP security enabled.

    The D-link modem has all the connection settings and the router connects to it in much the same way it would a cable modem. In the status section it appears to connect to the modem (renewing its dhcp link every 60secs), and as you can probably tell from this post, the connection is sufficient to browse the internet.

    The problem:

    The main problem is that when I try to download anything it stops downloading anything after ~200Kb no matter the size of the file.

    Any ideas?

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    First of all: read the FAQ. After you've done that search for 'wan dies'

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    Thanks for the prompt response.

    Unfortunately my wan doesn't die. It works but appears intermittent and I cannot download.

    It doesn't lock up completely as people appear to have experienced on this forum, nor is this problem related to high volumes of dat being transferred (1-200Kb). The fix transfer rate fix had no effect for me

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    Can you still ping to the an internet server when the download has stopped?

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    I can ping the IP, however the problem does appear intermittent.

    I didn't use to have the problem before I started using the wl-500g as a home gateway. Previously I had just used it as an access point with the modem acting as the dhcp server. This worked fine until I had to connect another computer (wireless again) with the result that an IP conflict occurred ==> nothing worked.

    This leads me to believe that the problem most likely stems from the wan/lan interface as that's the main difference.

    One thing I just noted, the times when I have trouble connecting tend to be when the dhcp lease is renewed by the modem (every 60 secs). That doesn't necessarily explain the download issue though

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    It would appear that I've overlooked something that's blindingly obvious. In the last post I mentioned that the intermitent connection appeared to mirror the dhcp lease renewing process of the adsl modem. It didn't occur to me that I would have some control of it. I have just checked, and I do. The interuption was caused by nothing more than the modem disconnecting and reconnecting itself every minute. I have since changed the renewal period to 86400 seconds which by my reckoning is a day. There's no reason, on home networks, not to make this longer (say 31536000 - a year). Your IP might complain though....

    On the bright side, what has made me look daft may perhaps help somebody else and let them avoid doing the same.

    Sorry to bother you all, and thanks for your help!
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