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Thread: WL-HDD DHCP server

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    WL-HDD DHCP server

    I am considering buying a wl-hdd but there is one thing I wonder about before spending the money. I have read the documentation and it seems like there is no way to enter name server information for the dhcp server to use. If I use the wl-hdd as an access point I need to distribute the name server address from the dhcp server as well. Is this possible?


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    Still wondering...

    I have bought the WL-HDD now and I am very pleased wit it.
    But I'm still wondering about how to get the wlhdd DHCP server to serve the address of my name server in addition to ip-address and gateway.

    Any suggestions here?


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    i've no idea if it's possible right now.. i can't remember it being possible so i guess not, or use dhcp server from another device if possible ?

    if you wait a bit and we are lucky soon there will be a custom release which is based on wl500g firmware (and thus you can fill in dhcp information)

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