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Thread: Freetype not working with ImageMagick

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    Question Freetype not working with ImageMagick

    I am trying to generate some Jepgs with text using ImageMagick. On my Linux System (Suse) it works flawless.
    So I installed on my WL-HDD with Olegs latest firmware ( thanks for that graet work) first freetype-2.1.10-4 and than ImageMagick-6.3.4-0-1.
    Install went well, basic ImageMagick functions were ok.
    When I tried to generate text images, ImageMagick complained about missing fonts for freetype. No matter what fonts I supplied.
    So I also installed ghostscript and adjusted ImageMagick paths to these fonts although I had no ghostscript on my Suse system.
    No I got a changed errormessage :
    convert -background blue -fill white -sampling-factor 2x1 -size 3872x2592 -pointsize 8 label:@test.txt test.jpg
    AFPL Ghostscript 8.50: ./src/interp.c(295): Fatal error -20 in gs_interp_init!AFPL Ghostscript 8.50: ./src/interp.c(295): Fatal error -20 in gs_interp_init!convert: FreeType library is not available `/opt/share/ghostscript/fonts/n019003l.pfb'
    The font is exactly there.
    So I started thinking it is an issue with freetype support.
    I set up the toolchain according to your wiki.
    Days later I made a working freetype and ImageMagick package. And I got the same error.

    If I look into the make.log file of Imagemagick I find this lines:
    configure:34786: result: Checking for FreeType 2.0 support
    configure:34788: result: -------------------------------------------------------------
    configure:34802: checking for freetype-config
    configure:34832: result: no
    configure:35095: result: no
    configure:35111: checking if FreeType package is complete
    configure:35116: result: no -- some components failed test
    configure:35182: result: -------------------------------------------------------------
    So Imagemagick is compiled without freetype.
    Configure looks for a lot of files of the freetype package, which are now at a different location as it suspects.
    I can't fix this.
    Any help is appreciated.


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    Imagemagick compiles correctly with a simple change in the makefile

    change line




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