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Thread: Is wl-500gp identical to wl-600g (+ modem inside)

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    Question Is wl-500gp identical to wl-600g (+ modem inside)


    yesterday arrived my new wl-600g.
    At first I want to by a wl-500gp, but then I recognized the wl-600g. My assumption was this modell was identical to wl-500gp but has a modem inside.

    Then I see that there was an own firmware for this version:

    but there ist no documentation, and I can't read the few russian threads.

    • must I take this special wl-600g firmware to use features like nfs?
    • Or could I take the firmware else?
    • what is the difference?

    I have an wl-hdd too und want to use wds with wpa2 with new wl-600g.

    Thanks for good work @oleg.

    regards, steel

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    Unfortunately, it's not lucky choice. There is no Oleg's firmware for this device (and AFAIK will not be). It has different processor, less RAM, less flash space. See here for details:
    It looks that the link you mentioned pointing to the asus original firmware.

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    Ok, thanks for answering.

    I will replace it with a wl-500gp.

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