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Thread: Slow wshaper

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    Slow wshaper

    I'm using wshaper in the Oleg firmware and it seems to be slowing down my download speed by half!

    Here's one of my speedtest result with wshaper off:

    It is what I usually get during non-peak hours.

    I start wshaper in my post-firewall but for testing I just used this command:
    wshaper start vlan1 11000 450
    But when I run the speedtest again, I only hit at most ~4000! It doesn't matter what values I set cos it never goes more than ~4000. Am I using wshaper wrongly? I just want to test this out before I do any further QoS.

  2. At the end of the wshaper file remove all thats shaping your download (not the upload) and it will fix your problem. Wshaper only has to do uploading in my opinion.

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    ok I did that and it works, as expected. But what was limiting my download to only 4000kbps?

    Say if I want to shape my downloads like giving priority to my gaming packets if any, otherwise just use the full bandwidth? Or is there no need to?

  4. I don't know exactly anymore what was causing the slower download stream. But I had the same problem and didn't want to lose any bandwith.

    But ask yourself how many times it happens when you are gaming and downloading at full speed. Still your game will probably run perfect and with no lag.
    By shaping upload packages you make sure your game has the advantages above download. And it's 99% of the time the upload that slows your download down, because of the acknowledgement packages that can't get trough.

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    Hmm... makes sense. I'll give it a try after my finals.

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    I think the culprit is the very last entry in the file, the one that protects you against what it deems to be "unreasonably fast bursts". Just comment that one and leave the download shaping above it alone.

    PS: yes I know it's been 2 years since the previous post. But this is when this problem hit me and that's how I solved it.

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