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Thread: Privoxy on WL-HDD?

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    Privoxy on WL-HDD?

    Hi all,

    i am running a ASUS WL-HDD with Oleg's Firmware (, not the latest but reliably working with my dbox2 and all the nfs and samba-stuff ).
    The last days i was in the mood to do extreme administrative work at my WL-HDD and managed to pimp it up with the Itsy package manager, openssh, screen and some other gimmicks . All working well so far, thanks for all the HOW-TOs here at the forum!
    In the end i installed "Privoxy" via the given ipkg-repository, because i knew Privoxy from another installation on a Fedora Core 3-system i set up some weeks ago (noob-friendly easy doing).
    Unfortunately not on my WL-HDD. Privoxy starts well, but http/https-requests are not answered and the log doesn't throw error codes or some other hints. So i am a bit helpless.

    Has anybody managed to run Privoxy on a WL-HDD?

    Or is there a tiny, lightweight alternative transparent proxy-server (e.g. tinyproxy, micro-proxy...) available for the WL-HDD?

    Answers, solutions and field reports are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards, Thorsten

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    Where are the geeks???


    no answer, no geeks here at the forum?
    If nobody uses Privoxy, why is it in the repositories?

    Coulnd't it be that my ifconfig prevents Privoxy from running correctly? I saw, that the WL-HDD shows a lot of interfaces : br0, eth1, eth2, lo and wds0.4915. At my FC3 installation, where Privoxy is runnning perfectly, there is only a eth0 and a lo device.

    Any suggestions?

    Regards, Thorsten

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    Interfaces are explained here

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