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Thread: 3,5" 320 GB on WL-HDD

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    3,5" 320 GB on WL-HDD

    Here some pic's from my project. I need a case for my server any idea?
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    Well, as to me --- the case is useless. Absence of casing gives you better ventilation of everything.

    The fanciest picture is the first one. What for the power supply are you using? I'm really curious.

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    On the first picture on the right side is a power supply from an external usb HDD on the left side is a power supply for a car adjustable from 1,5 - 12 V 2000 mA set it at 5 V and the 12 V is directly to the hdd and 5 V over this one. On the left is a 5V ventilator for cooling the HDD.

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    Now i built a are some pix....good ?
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