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Thread: Running the WL700gE at 300MHz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hacksaw View Post
    Well, if it was sitting in my lap it would get a little uncomfortable :-)

    Looks like I will leave it be then.

    Do you know of anyone who has tried to put a laptop HDD in the router? Might cut down on heat and noise. Of course you will loose capacity...

    great idea...will try this with my cable i found recently
    on this cable is written :
    'hung fu awm 2651 e97252-h vw-1 105˚C 300V 28awg -013'

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  2. Wouldn't it be even better to use a cheap SSD ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregoire.Favre View Post
    Wouldn't it be even better to use a cheap SSD ?
    I wouldn't. Solid state drives can only execute a finite number of write cycles. The router uses the HDD for swap and may hit this limit rather quickly.

    A notebook HDD is probably a good option since it's data transfer speed matches the 264/300 MHz processor speed pretty well. A blazing fast HDD is no good when the processor is incapable of keeping up with the data rate anyway.

    - K.C.

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