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Thread: Speed of moving external USB data to IDE WL700ge

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    Speed of moving external USB data to IDE WL700ge

    Hi there,

    I am new here and glad to know that so many ppl are using the enhanced firmware on their Asus.
    The HDD spin down is really a plus to me as it is so so hot if it continues to run.

    My question is it takes like 15 - 20 minutes to move a 700MByte file from the external USB2.0 harddrive to the internal IDE. I have used the file explorer (drive x: to drive y and also use "cp -r path1 path2", both yield the "slow" speed.

    How could I know if my USB2.0 drive really get connected as USB2.0 and not USB1.1 ? Will that be the reason of the slowness ?

    Thks in advance for any idea.



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    That's *very* slow. My internal HDD is raided to my external USB drive. The external USB HDD also contains a temporary share. Copying a 700'ish MB file from the temp share to the internal raided share took around 2.75 minutes:

    [kfurge@WL700gE]$ ls -l data.bin
    -rw-r--r-- 1 kfurge 42000 719187968 Mar 7 2005 data.bin

    [kfurge@WL700gE]$ time cp data.bin /shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1/tmp

    real 2m41.997s
    user 0m0.820s
    sys 1m29.360s

    This configuration should be slower than yours. Additionally, you should notice a dramatic speed difference between copying the file locally versus over a network share.

    - K.C.

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    Hi Kfurge,

    Thks for looking into this.

    But I am really getting the "slow" result, using command line "cp external_usb internal_hd", I shall try to "time" the operation.

    For the time being, what should I check, such as is the USB drive being recognised as USB 2.0 device ?


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    I'd recommend trying different combinations of USB ports, cables, and HDDs to try and narrow down the problem.

    - K.C.

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    Hi kfurge,

    Will do, thks for your suggestion.


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