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Thread: NDAS device connection to WL 500g?

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    NDAS device connection to WL 500g?

    Hi Folks

    I have an Akasa AK-ENP2NDASA-BK enternal HDD enclosure which has both USB2 and 10/100 Ethernet connection capability.

    It works fine as a USB external HDD, but I am having no luck in connecting it directly to one of the LAN ports on my WL500g, which is totally standard and with Asus firmware loaded (I have downloaded but not installed it yet).

    I have installed the latest Akasa V 3.11.1328 s/w on one of the attached PC's, and that loads but it reports that the NDAS box is not connected (and similarly on the other PC).

    Having done a bit of investigation in the WL 500g set up utility, the problem may be be that the NDAS box is not getting a DHCP lease from the router - it is not showing up in the DHCP Lease status box, even after refreshing and several reboots of the whole system.

    Note: the 2x network LEDs on the back of the Akasa are lit but not flashing at this moment, although I seem to remember that they were earlier this morning.

    Then again, one or other of the attached PC's is'nt showing up either from time to time, and yet they both work. That may be due to the fact that they are attached to a subsidiary "whitebox" ethernet router (not ASUS) which is between the 500g and the two PC's to provide 4 ethernet connections on my desk. That box has been there for over a year, and seems to work fine for normal wired ethernet connectivity.

    Any suggestions or ideas on the problem and how to fix it would be most welcome!

    Note: If those involve loading non-ASUS firmware, then I am very willing to try, but it would be most helpful if you could give very clear instructions as I have not done that before!

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Well, I have now found half the solution!

    Connect the NDAS device to one of the ports on the "white box" router so that it is on the same side of that as are the two PC's when they are connected by cable ethernet! Then both PC's can discover the device during the s/w installation process (which has to be done separately on both machines) and can access it.

    Now here is the unsolved part of the puzzle:

    If I then move the NDAS box connection back to the WL 500G, then one of the PCs' - a laptop with both cable and 802g connections - briefly re-recognized the box but lost the connection when the server was rebooted.

    However, I then moved the NDAS box back to the white box router connection, and disconnected the ethernet cable to the laptop - and the laptop can still see the NDAS box via its 802g connection to the WL 500!

    So, when the NDAS box is connected to the white box router, the laptop (and presumably any other device connected to the WL 500g) can see it via its 802g connection to the WL 500, - but any PC connected directly to the white box router cannot see the NDAS box when it is connected directly to the WL500g.

    The white box router is unmanaged, so I can't do anything about its setup - so I think I am stuck for the time being, but at least it now all works after a fashion!

    Any further thoughts from anybody would be appreciated!



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    I have the same problem., did you solve it?

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    NDAS Xilink mipsel drivers

    did somebody try to get the NDAS driver running on Oleg?

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