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Thread: Netatalk for Apple Shares?

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    Netatalk for Apple Shares?

    I had the same problem, but reseting the router to its original settings (hold reset for more then 5 seconds) will bring it back alive, this will rewrite __pdc/passwd and set the router to password based share access.

    Based on my experience, the problem lies in the heavily patched daemons asus uses especially samba.

    I am happy to be free of that stupid smb based share system. I know use nfs/afp and cups.

    afp gives a mac user a much better performance and more features.
    using cups instead of that stupid printd makes it much more easy to share the printer on *x based systems. (I had to cheat a bit by adding the printer as parallel on /dev/usb/lp0)

    This is the best system for mac users on the market. I have Apple shares, Bonjour announcement with avahi, CUPS (also used on Mac OS X), a new version of mt-daapd wich works great with itunes even with static/dynamic playlists and a VPN using openvpn on the router and tunnelblick on my mac/openvpn on my linux box

    If you can try to use a (free) nfs client on windows
    on XP you can even add a cups printer as network printer (try google)

    with samba disabled there are no more problems with ubsa as others have also written here.

    cu harald

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    Netatalk for Apple Shares?

    Has anyone been able to get the Netatalk optware package going on the 700gE? I've been trying for a couple days and it's just not working out for me. I use Mac's at home and would love to have afp shares from the router!

    BTW I'm using kfurge's custom firmware.



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    Why dont you just use samba?

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    Look here at haraldrt's posting:

    - K.C.

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    Yeah I saw his post but it really didn't give any clues as to how to do it. Got it figured out now, just install the package "ipkg install netatalk" then have it start in your rc.local with:
    # Start my Apple Shares
    and configure your shares in the "/opt/etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default" file to look like:
    /shares/MYVOLUME1/MYSHARE1 "File Server"
    /shares/MYVOLUME1/AnotherShare "Another Share"
    /shares/MYVOLUME1/ProtectedShare "Private Share" password:tellno1
    Then from your mac use the "Connect to Server..." menu item from the Go menu and put in afp:// or whatever your ip is.

    Done and done!

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    Sorry, I completly missed your post. By now you have already figured it out by yourself

    Here are my (personal) tips for mac users:

    If you would like to connect a printer to the wl700gE, my advice is to go with cups. this way you could easily add your printer using http://localhost:631 on your mac as it is published by cups.

    Another good start is to use avahi to broadcast your afp-service on your local network using mdns (Bonjour).

    replace the build-in mt-daapd with a new one using ipkg install mtdaapd
    this leaves you with the possibilities of (dynamic) Playlists in iTunes. With the right config, static playlists are simple .m3u files. dynamic playlist are defined using regular expressions in mtdaapd.conf which is not changable in stock mtdaapd.

    If you need comments/tips feel free to contact me

    cu Harald

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    Post macosx and samba share

    due to many problems accessing my samba share on my wl700 with my macbook i found following solution, which could be useful to all macusers here in the board:

    Ok, I've had the same problem, error -36.

    This is where I found a solution, hope it helps others too.

    "Mac OS X 10.4: Error -36 alert displays when connecting to a Samba or Windows server
    After upgrading from Mac OS X 10.3.x to Mac OS X 10.4, you may get an error message when you try to connect to a Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server. A Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server includes servers operating on Microsoft Windows and other operating systems that use Samba for SMB/CIFS services.

    If the connection is unsuccessful, the following error message may appear:

    The Finder cannot complete the operation because some of the data in smb://........ could not be read or written. (Error code -36).
    If you check the Console (/Applications/Utilities/), you will also see this error message:

    mount_smbfs: session setup phase failed
    This error can occur if your Mac OS X 10.4 client is trying to connect to a Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server that only supports plain text passwords. If you do not see the above message in the Console, you are not experiencing this issue and should try normal troubleshooting to isolate the source of the issue.

    Unlike Mac OS X 10.3, the Mac OS X 10.4 SMB/CIFS client by default only supports encrypted passwords. Most modern Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers use encrypted passwords by default, while some Samba servers might have to be reconfigured.

    You should consider contacting the owner or system administrator of the Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server to which you are trying to connect and encourage them to disable plain text passwords and start using encrypted ones. If the server cannot be reconfigured to support encrypted passwords, you can configure Mac OS X 10.4 SMB/CIFS client to send plain text passwords.

    Warning: If you configure your computer to allow connections to Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers using plain text passwords, when you attempt to make any connection to such a Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server, your password will be sent "in the clear". This means that it is possible for someone who is monitoring your connection to see your password. This could lead to someone compromising the Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server. We strongly recommend that you configure your Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers to exclusively use encrypted passwords.

    Follow the steps below to configure your computer to use plain text passwords to make SMB/CIFS connections when the specified Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) server does not support encrypted passwords. (You must be an administrator to do these steps.)

    Make sure that you are not currently connected to any Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers and that you do not have any Samba or Windows-related error messages open.
    Open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/).
    At the prompt, type: sudo pico /etc/nsmb.conf
    Press Return.
    Enter your password when prompted, then press Return again.
    You should see an empty file and a "New File" notice at the bottom of the pico window. If you do not see the "New File" notice, this file already exists.
    Enter the following into the file so that it appears as follows:


    Save the file (press Control-O), press Return, then exit pico (Control-X).
    Type: sudo chmod a+r /etc/nsmb.conf
    Press Return.
    Restart your computer."

    hope this helps someone


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    Why don't you use nfs ?
    It's more native and faster between two unix systems ( I count OS X as a *nix ), the linux kernel supports it directly and OS X has no Problems using nfs either.

    Another Solution is using kfurge's firmware and installing netatalk to get afp shares


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    setting up apple share

    I managed to install ipkg netatalk. seems to be working okay, although i haven't found a proper startup script.

    next i want to setup avahi to broadcast the share on my local network. but when i try to start the avahi-daemon i get the message:

    /opt/sbin/avahi-daemon: can't load library ''
    there doesn't appear to be any such ipkg available. any ideas?

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    Avahi depends on:

    expat, libdaemon, dbus

    Try following:
    -ipkg update
    -ipkg expat
    -ipkg liddaemon
    -ipkg dbus

    Then try again.

    If it doesn't work you might have to create a symbolic link
    with 'ln' somehow...

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    i guess i will have to make the symbolic link then.

    not sure where to find the file (s) that need to be linked and where the link should go though.

    Package expat (2.0.1-1) installed in /opt/ is up to date.
    Nothing to be done
    Successfully terminated.
    Package dbus (1.1.1-1) installed in /opt/ is up to date.
    Nothing to be done
    Successfully terminated.
    Package libdaemon (0.11-1) installed in /opt/ is up to date.
    Nothing to be done
    Successfully terminated.

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    lib is part of buildroot

    After much googling I came across this thread:

    When I get it done I will be sure to write it up for the benefit of other apple users.

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    can someone help me set up netatalk on my router? I've tryed but i cant seem to get past teh password feild. I need it to backup my mac with time-machine.

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    Access an external HDD on Mac OS X Leopard


    I use my WL-500G Premium (firmware with a Western Digital MyBook 320 Gb.
    I'd like to back-up on it with Time Machine, but the system cannot write on it, as neither can I. To make the external drive visible to Leopard I used defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1 in Terminal. The drive shows up alright in Finder, but when I try to copy any file to it the system tells me that I don't have enough permissions.
    With iBackup it works as long as I use the "Backup to Windows" option, but still I'd like to use Time Machine.
    I don't have any experience with UNIX commands and I'm quite a noob with advance networking settings, but I do hope there is somebody who can help me with this, 'cause I feel I'm missing something very obvious here...

    Thank you.

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    Original firmware or olegs?
    if you are using oleg, you might need to install a different samba, or just allow writing...
    I have no experience on a MAC tough.. I gave up as soon as it crashed on unzipping
    I guess you are using a program compatible with the shared folders of windows?

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