I have a wl500gd and have recently moved from my cable isp to a DSL isp.

Due to the wl500 not having a built in DSL modem and due to the cost of DSL to Ethernet bridges in the Uk I purchased a linksys wag54g adsl router.

I am trying to use the wag54g as a gateway for my wl500 but I am having a strange problem. For the last 4 weeks my dsl router syncs at 4200k download and 480k upload. I have not notice any dropouts of the DSL during this time.

As I have my wl500 setup with olegs firmware (WL500gx- and using the usb ports to mount a hard disk I have decided to connect it to my wag54.

Here is the problem, upon powering my wl500 and patching its wan port to the LAN port on the wag54g, the wag54g drops its DSL connection and automatically reconnects. It reconnects as expected but only at 2200k download and 480k upload. I can use this setup for hours with no issues other than the reduced speed. I have altered the speed and duplex on the wan port of the wl500 and this proves unsuccessful, the same situation happens even if i try the following

Connect the routers via each of there LAN ports (instead of LAN of wag54 to wan of wl500)

Use of different patch cables
setting a static ip on the wl500/disabling the dhcp server on the wag54

reset both devices at the same time

connect other client machines via Ethernet ports or wireless

I am really puzzled on this one, I have downloaded files that max out my connection speed and prove it’s the speed that is indicated in the wag54g firmware and not just a visual bug. LAN speeds are fine, its just the drop in WAN speed though the DSL gateway thats annoying me.

does anyone have any ideas?


Ps. don’t worry about double nat'ing / port forwarding problems as I have already solved these.