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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerdi View Post
    My mediatomb has a little bit problems with the database (SQLITE on asuswl500gp).
    I tried mysql (like in the doc). But I always get the error:

    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'zmm::Exception'

    Is this mediatomb compiled to run with mysql?
    I have run into the same problem on my WL-500gP (on HeadStart II tutorial for oleg I'm quite a newbie but I did the following without luck:

    * I created a "mediatomb" db in mysql (according docs this is required and there was none after running S90mediatomb.)
    * I added the "mysql" tags to config.xml.

    I was able to create this db but I wonder if I managed to give mediatomb access priviliges to this db? Does anyone know how to setup this?

    I probably need to configure both mysql and mediatomb for this to work properly (it takes two to tango...) But I'm unsure about howto...
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    No, no, guys, you are using the wrong build! I created static binaries that work well on the WL500g devices and are not affected by the exception problem.

    You want this one:

    Make sure to *not* enable inotify autoscan, as far as I remember it's not supported by the WL500g kernel and our autodetection fails because of an incorrect system response, but apart from that everything should work fine.

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    Yes - your static version did it!

    Mediatomb works fine now. I can browse and play my divx movies, photos, music on my PS3 (sw v. 2.50) without any problems.

    Thank you Jin.

  4. I can also confirm that the static build works fine on my WL-500W (the ipkg version always gave zmm:Exception errors).
    Now, how to get it to autoscan if inotify method doesnt work?

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    How do I get the static verison to autoboot?

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    After much agony, I was able to properly configure the Optware version MediaTomb, but streaming to my PS3 was terribly choppy even though streaming to and from my laptop (wifi), desktop (wired) was smooth.

    I decided to start over with the static package. Setup was a easy, and now playback is wonderfully smooth! Thanks!

    Right now, I have MediaTomb starting automatically after mounting, but I am also interested in a init.d start up script.

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    Lightbulb Starting MediaTomb static automatically

    # mediatomb This script starts and stops the mediatomb daemon
    # chkconfig: - 95 30
    # processname: mediatomb
    # description: mediatomb is a daemon process which provides a UPnP service
    # Set the absolute path to mediatomb
    # By default it's all good
    # See how we were called.
    case "$1" in
    # Check if MT is already running
    if [ -e /opt/var/lock/mediatomb ] ; then
    $0 stop
    # Start daemon.
    export MEDIATOMB_DATADIR="$LAUNCHDIR/usr/share/mediatomb"
    export MEDIATOMB_MAGIC_FILE="usr/share/file/magic"
    $LAUNCHDIR/usr/bin/mediatomb -d -m $LAUNCHDIR -f config
    echo -n "Starting mediatomb: "
    if [ $RETVAL = 0 ] ; then 
    touch /opt/var/lock/mediatomb
    echo "ok"
    echo "failed"
    # Stop daemons.
    echo -n "Shutting down mediatomb: "
    killall mediatomb 2>/dev/null
    if [ $RETVAL = 0 ] ; then
    rm -f /opt/var/lock/mediatomb
    echo "ok"
    echo "failed"
    $0 stop
    $0 start
    [ -e /opt/var/lock/mediatomb ] && $0 restart
    $0 start
    exit $RETVAL
    Set the absolute path to MediaTomb in S90mediatomb, place script in /opt/etc/init.d, and chmod 0755

    In Tomato, go to USB and NAS > USB Support

    Add the following to Run after mounting:
    #OptWare Startup
    if [ -d /opt/etc/init.d ]; then
      for f in /opt/etc/init.d/S* ; do
          [ -x $f ] && $f start
    Add the following to Run before unmounting:
    #OptWare Stop
    if [ -d /opt/etc/init.d ]; then
      for f in /opt/etc/init.d/S* ; do
          [ -x $f ] && $f stop
    Now, MediaTomb static, and any other Optware you decide to install, should start automatically.

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    It is transcoding possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lamero View Post
    It is transcoding possible?
    No, due to a weak CPU.

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