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Thread: After update the firmware I've lost access to HD

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    After update the firmware I've lost access to HD

    Hi everybody,

    I just uploaded the alternative firmware (WL700gE_1.0.4.6_kc_02a.nas) to my hub through the web management (Firmware Upgrade), so far so good, it seems that everything was right.

    But now when I try to access "myshare1" by "My Network Places" on Windows, it ask me for a Password. I've tried admin/admin and lots of other password that I thought it could work but it didn't.

    Now I can't have access to its HD even through the web manager.

    What should I do? I just updated the firmware, don't know what to do with the "rc.local" file and how to get access to HD.

    Could someone please help me?

    Just in case my msn is


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    You need to enable the "guest" account. You can do that in the passwd file.

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    How to enable the guest account?


    Sorry but I don't know how to do that, can you give me more details on how to enable guet account please?


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