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Thread: Setup FTP & HTTP Server

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    Setup FTP & HTTP Server


    first of all thank yor for so much information about the WL-700. I wonder why there is NO german manual, oder german language software on the WL-700????

    OK. Here is my "problem":

    since 2 days im the owner of the WL-700. I want to set up a ftp server and a http server on the router that i can acces the router from the internet. i have alreade a and enabled the option in the router. has anyone an idea where i can find a manual or a "how-to" because i don't know what to do next....

    thanks !!!!

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    you have to set up the ftp with the webui. there you can enable/disable it (listening on port 21). you should use usba mode (user managment) so that anonymous account is disabled. other settings are not possible to modify...


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