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Thread: Enhanced-ctorrent - segmentation fault

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    Question Enhanced-ctorrent - segmentation fault


    I keep getting the same error when trying to download torrent file.

    "segmentation fault"

    What's happening ?

    This program already work one time. But I Have to downgrade the router to the original asus firmware, and the back to kfurge. (in the progress of downgrade I've deleted all the "opt" directory, and than follow all the kfurge tutorial)

    Thanks !
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    I got the same error message...don´t know how to solve it yet. maybe somebody knows how to help us poor bastards ^^

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    I postet something in here, because i need help from you guy´s to solve that problem:

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    I had the same error.

    After i deleted opt directory and installed everthing new it worked, so i don't now exatly what fixed the problem.

    I installed older versions of screen and enhanced-torrent.

    Perhaps you try with

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