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Thread: Some more tips and tricks

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    Thx chef ..wirespot!
    firewall works very good also the streamripper!

    I have some nasty problem with transmission now :

    If i download the torent file and put in Source directory every think it`s ok , the only problem is the error messages :Unable to find recent transfer stats in syslog (Pictures 3 )

    Iff i use Fetch , the torent file is downloaded and Satus changed to started , but immediately the status change again in: .status not found ( Picture 1,2 )

    Also when i clik to log , they dont show me any log or stats ! only Creating Graph .. and that all ! ( Pictures 4 )

    If someone can advice me wat to do !

    I will apreciate !


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    pls , i need some advice !
    i just want to work the graphic on log and to resolve the syslog error !!

    Thx. !

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