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Thread: personal website not displaying

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    personal website not displaying

    I have problems with having the built-in web pages showing on internet. It's related to the cgi scripts, but I can't understand what's the exact problem.

    When I try to connect to the personnal website of my wl700ge from my work, the web browsers just stalls saying "data transfer from xxxxx". It changes the page title though (so some data are actually transfered), and does not seem to ever time-out. If I access a standard html file, it displays OK. It's not related to my work's net filtering policy since I can load this page OK :

    Did anyone experience similar problem? Any advice to diagnose the problem on the WL-700ge side?
    Thanks in advance,


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    Theres a couple of things you could check -
    1. all cgi scripts have execute and read permissions - otherwise it definitely will stop web browsers getting at pages
    2. there could be a problem with the included httpd web server used to serve pages (I wouldn't be at all surprised given how "good" the ASUS firmware has been overall )
    3. If you can switch to the custom firmware, I would - it gives you much more control over how scripts etc are executed since you can configure a different webserver

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    d3viant, thanks for your answer. I realize I wasn't clear enough in my initial post. I its' not a clear-cut problem of cgi not working at all: the webserver is working fine if I access it from the LAN side, and even if I plug a computer at home on the WAN side of the wl700ge. Even wearder, if I open a vpn connection to my work (so that my pc tkinks it is part of my work's lan), then I can display the webpage! On the other hand, its not working from my mother's place who as a fairly standard home dsl link. I see it as a matter of going through some combination of routers/firewall or such devices, but I don't understand why it can block a cgi from being interpreted and displaying a page I think I need to diagnose what's going on with that webserver, which means finding the log file, I guess.

    PS. I am indeed runing kfurge's firmware! So maybe one day I'll switch to some better webserver, but I'll have to learn a lot before that!

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    I can view your page, but its chinees, hehe.


    PS: nice family pictures.

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