I currently have two routers: the ADSL router which connects to the ISP, the other router: Asus WL500g it has a desktop computer and a few wireless labtop attached to it.

I have created two subnets and with each subnet attached to each of the router respectively, my problem is that I can not access the Internet from the second subnet. Here is my setup:

I have network cable that connects from the wan port of Asus router to the lan port of the ADSL router.

Netcomm ADSL router: (first one)
IP issued by ISP: A.B.C.x
router local IP:
sub net: 192.168.100.*
Operation mode: Gateway
NAT: enable

computer A:

Asus WL500g Router: (second one)
Wan static ip:
router local IP:
sub net: 192.168.2.*
operation mode: router
NAT: disable

computer B:

The above setup has 2 Network segments (192.168.2.X and 192.168.1.X), for computer A, it can ping the ADSL router and thus access the internet, but for computer B, it can't ping ADSL router and computer A, thus can not access internet.

If I set WL500 router as AP mode and retrieve dynamic IP from the ADSL router, effectively computer A and B is in the same subnet, then everything works fine, A can ping B and B can access internet, but for security reason, I want to separate it into two subnets, so that I have better control.

I think this is a routing related issue, what routes do I need to add to the routing table so that network segment(192.168.1.x) can talk to network segment(192.168.2.x) and then access the Internet?

Do I need to add the route on both ADSL router and WL500g router or just on WL500g only?