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Thread: Enable HDD SMART fonction

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    Enable HDD SMART fonction

    When i enter in "advanced setting" "disk management" tick "Details" and clic "Details" it say me this :

    Device: HDT725050VLAT80 Supports ATA Version 7 (Hitachi T7K500 500Go)
    Drive supports S.M.A.R.T. and is not enabled
    Type -e to enable.

    Someone know how to enable the SMART fonction of my HDD ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by jeromv View Post
    Someone know how to enable the SMART fonction of my HDD ?
    I assume you're still running the custom firmware. If so, SMART is disabled by my example rc.local file with the "smartctl -dT" line to allow the HDD to spin down. Just remove it.

    - K.C.

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    Hi everbody...

    This is the first time i have visited this forum, so i don't know post where my problem is.

    I am using a laptop of Asus F81Se. But i have received a problem with SMART HDD.

    When they pass bootup, the system noticed one message and showed me my HDD error.

    I don't know how to disable this program (SMART), some websites show me to disable it in BIOS, but i don't see it in BIOS setup...

    Thank you for replying !

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    sry4spam, but you posted this in a wl-700gE thread, which is supposed for the router. ^^

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