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Thread: WL-127 WiFi Card Driver

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    WL-127 WiFi Card Driver

    Hi everyone,
    The WL-127 WiFi Card is an add on card for my P4C-800E Motherboard. It is compatible with a few other Asus motherboards. At the moment my card seems to work fine with its' current driver. I then ran Windows vista upgrade advisor and the program said that my driver for my WL-127 WiFi Card is out of date. I've been serching on the Asus Website for a very long time but the driver and model for that card dosen't seem to exist. I have read in a few forums that people are also having trouble finding an update for this driver. Does anyone know where I can get the latest driver for this card?

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    I cant find the driver also!
    Can anyone help me finds this driver?
    WL 127 running win XP

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    WL-127 Wifi Card driver

    this Card is also known as wifi-b this the key word on the asus web site once you type this in the search you would find the driver but its only support up to xp in windows, I am struggling to make it work for windows 7 it works but only for WEP encryption so if any one know how to make it work for WPA encryption let me know

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