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Thread: Can't delete some file

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    Can't delete some file

    Do someone have some problem as below like me ?
    some direct and files create by BT but those file don't create by the same language as i setup in router. we can setup localized in sh as i know. But i seem no effort in this router. Here is i can do , 1. some files can delete by thoughted windows but can't delete by shell. 2. some files i can't delete by windows and shell. do anyone have any idea?


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    yeah i noticed that too. Try to reboot or remove it with telnet.

    "rm dir -rf <path to dir>"


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    Quote Originally Posted by sollie View Post
    yeah i noticed that too. Try to reboot or remove it with telnet.

    "rm dir -rf <path to dir>"

    I have the same problem. When I try to go into such directory, I get error that directory does not exist. But it is shown by ls command.

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    i had deleted the file which can't delete before

    i had deleted the file using a stupid method.
    1. open direct can been read by web ( need setup the method on the web fist)
    2. see the file bower by web.
    3. chage the languth code from your web that can go into the direct (maybe need to try)
    4. delete the file and direct

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    trough ftp will work
    got this a lot of times

    but you need permissions to write/delete ofcourse

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