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Thread: connectable in enhanced-ctorrent

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    connectable in enhanced-ctorrent


    to all who are making this beautifull white box into a monster ... You are doing a hell of a great job

    installed the custum firmware
    installed screen & enhanced-ctorrent but
    I have a little problem with my firewall...
    when I disable the firewall on the webpage all is going great
    when I enable the firewall and set portforwarding 2700:2710 --> It gives me a error in enhanced-ctorrent because I'm downloading from private trackers and they can't connect to me so can't downlaod from them

    My question is how to set up my firewall correct in this beast so everything is protected


    (EDIT) did someone already testet how many torrent's can be ran at the same time ??
    I'm currently running 6 torrents all is going well and my box makes a lot of noise AND fast speeeeeeeds


    Openwrt or Custom Firmware on asus? - - Http://

    My ASUS collection: WL500gp(80GB usb-hdd - Running OpenWrt Kamikaze 7.09) | WL700gE(250GB - Running OpenWrt Kamikaze 8.09rc1)

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    Several threads discussing this topic - with similar/same questions.

    Perhaps we could go on with the firewall setup in

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    While it may not be the smartest thing to do, I found a nifty workaround that you can do from the web UI. put the router's IP in for the DMZ. That way all incoming traffic will be forwarded to the router. Basically opening it up for the world to see. Now I can seed torrents

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