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Thread: automount USB mass storage device

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    automount USB mass storage device

    What have to be done to get the WL-HDD mount an USB stick or USB HDD connected to the ASUS? How to mount it?

    (Oleg FW is on ASUS running)

    And - the 1000$ question: How can this be managed dynamicly? (ASUS is on, than plug USB stick - AUTOmount - unplug USB stick, plug USB-HDD -> AUTOmount it ... )

    1k thanks for any help

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    cannot mount external USB HDD either

    Hi, I am also experiencing the same issue. I am using the lastest firmware version from Oleg on my WL-HDD and for some reason cannot see the external HDD.
    I look into the /dev/ directory and sub-directories but cannot see the USD HDD (was looking for a SCSI directory or something like that).
    I checked the syslogs and it doesn't show the external HDD being mounted at anytime.

    Would really appreciate some help on this.


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    Try to follow this tutorial to mount the internal hd to /opt, if done, the stick or any other mass storage will be automatically mounted to /tmp/harddisk. To unmount you can use the 'eject usb' on the webinterface.

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