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Thread: FreeWRT

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    Anyone experienced Freewrt and can share ?

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    Sounds very interresting however, when trying to setup my own firmware configuration, sometimes it fails to build it and download it (zero file download).

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    I tried a predefined selection and it seems ok, i just downloaded the image.. let`s hope it works.

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    any update?

    Hi there vuk. have you got an update on this? any problems? or are you happy with it?

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    Unhappy No Update.... :(

    Unfortunately I did nothing with freewrt.
    I compiles only predefined WIB selection, but customised one thows me in error, or gives me 0kb trx/bin image.

    I also tried to compile sources localy on i386 OpenSuse10 and also amd64 OpenSuse10. Same story. Errors.

    Someone else ?


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