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Thread: Wake on Lan with this router

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    Wake on Lan with this router


    I am trying to get wake on lan working on my WL-700GE. The router itself seems to be stopping the "magic packet" If I replace the router with a plain switch, then sending a packet within the network works fine, but if the router is plugged in, the packet never seems to reach it's destination. There is a wakelan package in the ipkgs optware repository for the router, I have installed and tried this aswell to no avail.

    Does anyone know of any programs that run on the router that could cause this odd kind of behaviour?



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    A router does not route broadcast packets.

    If you run ether-wake on the router itself, and the PC is in a network directly attached to it (no routers or bridges between), it should work, as it does for me.
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    Now I guess the question is "is there an ether-wake package (or equivalent) for this router?"

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    ether-wake is part of busybox, if it is compiled in.
    I'm using OpenWrt Kamikaze on my WL-500gx & WGT634U, and configured busybox to include ether-wake.
    It tested the wakelan binary from my old backup of the WL-500gx running Olegs Firmware, and it did not work.
    The difference between those two is, that ether-wake sends a special ethernet frame (OSI layer 2), whereas wakelan broadcasts a special UDP packet to (OSI layer 4).

    Additionally, it's important to have the right BIOS settings on your PC (enable WOL), with the right hardware (WOL cable connected from PCI card to mainboard on older machines).

    You could test with Ethereal/Wireshark on the destination PC, if it is reached by the packet.

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    Ok, with wakeonlan the packet never got to it's destination machine. Is there a version of busybox available for the WL700GE with ether-wake already compiled in do you know?

    The version currently on my router is 1.1.3 and it does not have ether-wake available by the looks of it...

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    I have busybox 1.2.1 running on my WL-500gx.
    If you send me you mail address (via PM), I can mail you my busybox binary to test.

    If it works:
    Don't replace your busybox with mine, until you are sure it contains everything you need.
    You could symlink ether-wake to my busybox binary stored somewhere else.

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