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Thread: HDD cloning

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    HDD cloning

    Could it be interesting to port this tool to backup wl700ge HDD?

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    It would be one way of performing a backup - although I am quite fond of using rsync for that

    I believe kfurge is having some success with compiling packages for the Wl-700gE, and ncurses is working from what I can see, so porting this program should be do-able

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    Unfortunately, I think this package will not work for us. It appears that a kernel is part of the package. This makes sense since it's trying to be a ghost clone and should be runnable on a completely empty box.

    FWIW, in a former life, I used amanda to perform backups. It's meant to be used in a networked mixed OS environment.

    On my box, besides the RAID array, I'm backing up my data to an external USB HDD using the heavyweight gnu tar.

    - K.C.

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