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Thread: [USB + HP 3325] Does not work.

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    [USB + HP 3325] Does not work.

    I connect via USB my HP 3325 and it is not working. When I start pirinting, printer starts working, take a page, the cylinder head is working, but give me back blank page. When I switch printer to Pc's USB it works fine.

    I have a oryginal ASUS firmware. I add printer on the Pc's using ASUS manual.

    Can anybody help? Probably I should change some settings on printer (on Pc), but I do not which one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It may fail with the asus printer implementation or by combination with your printer modell.
    Try jetdirekt printing implementation present in olegs firmware.
    This is like a printerdata-ethernet-usb pipeline and wont manipulate your printing data at all like asus firmware does. It´s used to be more compatible.

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