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Thread: WL-500gP and txpwr1

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    WL-500gP and txpwr1

    Hi Everyone,

    I know this subject is starting to get beaten to death, but even after reading all the posts I'm still confused. I have a WL-500gP running the latest Asus firmware. I'm interested in possibly boosting transmission power.
    When I do "wl txpwr1" I get the following:

    TxPower is 127 qdbm, 31.75 dbm, 1496 mW Override is Off

    I know that the signal range is 19-84 on this router and I was expecting to see something that would reflect that in the above output. Based on what you see what is my router signal power set to? And if it can be increased which of all the "wl" commands will change it and make it stick?

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    afaik this is the maximum setting.

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    Thanks Eddie!

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