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Thread: WL-520g does not work

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    WL-520g does not work

    I was working happily with my WL-520g for a couple of years.

    One day it stopped working the following way:

    When I connect two computers to the router - 2 LAN or 1WAN + 1LAN - after few minutes the router goes "mad" - all 4 LAN leds begin flashing, and the computer reports "network cable is unplugged". Each "flash" it connects and disconnects the network.

    I can connect the router to the WAN modem or not - the behaviour is the same.

    Latest firmware does not change the situation.

    Tried to reset by reset button - no change.

    In spite it's out of WL-500g topic - may be you have some common procedures / ideas / links etc.

    Thanks a lot

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    This problem happened to me also. In the end, it was a hardware or a software problem?


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