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Thread: my ASUS die..

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    my ASUS die..

    I flash firmware three times, and everything was OK. But now, I flash a new firmaware, then I setup router and connect to network. Aftre that I can´t ping to ASUS. I tried ping in network, and also trought UTP(PC -- ASUS) and nothing

    So, i tried everything:
    - connect to other PC, connect with other UTP cable
    - Restore to factoy default seems doesnt work. I turn on ASUS, wait a than I
    hold Restore button, more than 5sec. Pwd LED start blink, and never stop.
    So I pull power and again turn on, but I can't ping to asus.
    - Recovery mode: I pull power, wait 20sec, hold restore button and turn on.
    Pwd LED start blink, everything seems to be normal, but I can't ping to asus. (I have in PC static IP I also tried other IP in PC (
    - I ignore ping and tried ASUS recovery tools, but they didn't work.

    - I tried do this, but I can't ping to asus.

    What IP adress have asus in recovery mode ? or the same IP as in normal mode ?

    Any IDEA ?
    Help, please

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    I think, that RECOVERY MODE is not using IP at all... I did recovery a few months ago, so can't remember.

    btw nemluvis cesky?

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    jj, mluvím česky, ale typuju, že tady se to nesmí....
    No, ja se na ten asus nemužu vubec dopingnout. je uplně dojebaný. A přehrátí firmwaru v recovery modu vubec nejde, vubec ho ten program nenajde. No mám ho tři dny, a už jsem ho zkurvil. Zitra ho jdu reklamovat, snad mi ho vezmou.

    sorry, about czech language...

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    use PM instead speaking czech here / pouzij soukromou zpravu namisto postovani do fora

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