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Thread: How to setup Speedtouch 246 to the Asus wl-700gE

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    How to setup Speedtouch 246 to the Asus wl-700gE

    Does somebody have a complete guide to setup with this combination to use the FTP in this router ? I want to access the server from WAN but the FTP only work inside my home network. I have registered on DYNDNS.ORG but i thing the problem lies in the speedtouch modem/router. I'm in deed a bob in this so please help me out guys

    If somebody has done the combination with xbox360 and the WL-700gE HD and got this to work i would be glad to hear about it. Can i format the disk to NTFS because i think the filesystem is EXT3 so this could cause the comunication problem between the HD on the WL-700gE and the XBOX360.

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    Does the speedtouch router have a built in firewall? If so, you will need to open the port used by ftp (port 21 TCP) to allow web connections through to your wl700Ge. Once you do this, the asus router should be visible externally. The hard drive is formatted using reiserfs (although ext3 would have been a better idea) This shouldnt cause any problems for your xbox though - the router supports a protocol called samba, which is compatible with windows networking, so you should be able to access the drive in windows or whatever interface the xbox uses as you would normally with a networked drive

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    Thanks for the answer

    When i write FTP://***** the log in opens but no of my log in or password works. when i write http://**** i come to the interface of the speedtouch. When i write FTP:// (Intern address of the HD on the wl-700gE) it all works fine withe password and all.
    I think maybe the problem is the portforwarding in the speedtouch but this i have done with the application sharing with FTP and route from 21 to 21. I allso have done the Dynamic DNS test in the speedtouch and it stand "update succesful". Can somebody tell me how to route it correctly to my WL-700 (
    I have disabled the Upnp and maybe this is the problem allso. I have done this because of the XBOX360 won't pass the tests if it's enabled.

    Please help guys i am i deed a NOB in this

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    Yes, it still sounds like your speedtouch modem is not forwarding the ports correctly - or it has it's own ftp server built in (thats just a guess based on your username and password not working though)

    Is the wl-700 given the ip address from the speedtouch modem itself?

    If this is the case, then the speedtouch modem should have an option to pass any port 21 requests to the ip

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    Thanks d3viant

    I started from scratch again and done the portforwarding with a guide from my ISP and now all teh FTP functions work internally and externally

    It only took a couple of months getting i right

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    Glad to hear it's working

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