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Thread: USB Transfer rate

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    USB Transfer rate

    Hi Forum,

    by buying the wl500gp I assumed, that the USB port was USB2.0 (Asus says that too), but the transfer performance (Samba) is really horrible: copying from USB attached HDD takes ages (3 GB = 45 mins!!).

    Is this Samba related ? Anything configurable ?

    Thank you for your help and/or suggestions


    PS: Oleg's FW running... btw: great work !!
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    same with you

    I got 600-700KB/s Samba download speed and 800-900KB/s Samba upload speed(yes, upload is even more fast than download) with my wl500gp,FTP will got extra 200KB/s speed,Works with my IBM T-42 laptop(Intel Wireless 2200BG inside)

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    So you have the same transfer rate because:

    cca. 1MB/s for 3 000 MB (3GB) = 3000 sec = cca. 50mins.

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    But USB 1.1 bound-rate should be 12Mbps, And USB 2.0 bound-rate should be 480Mbps.

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    i get around 2,5mb/s with samba

    nfs is faster, 4mb/s

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    So if transfer rates with the WL-500Gp is slow, could it really only be a usb1.1 connection?

    And if its it that slow with the USB2.0, then we may as well just buy a USB1.1 external HDD and not USB 2.0 as it wont use the bandwidth at all.

    Do i understand this properly?

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    I don't think it's usb1.1 because for me download speed is 1.5MB/s whitch means around 16-18Mbps what is faster than 1.1. My opinion is the "System bus" is too slow, because I turned off WEP, disabled the internet firewall... And it's getting faster for me.

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    hmmm... about speed.... I've created a local network through this router. Instaelled an ftp server (Serv-U) on the desktop while, I am connecting to this server with my laptop. If I connect the USB HD to the desktop USB Port then I have 11,000 kbyte/s dl speed through ftp. If I connect the same USB HD to the router USB port than I have only 1200 kbyte/s with the same protocol, which is wierd.

    I would like to use my HD as a shared centralized drive together with my 2-3 computers. But now the only option is to connect it to one of my computer, because 1/10 of the physical speed is just not enough.

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