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Thread: i am decide to buy wl500gp and update firmware

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    i am decide to buy wl500gp and update firmware

    i want to buy wl-500gp
    and i already have got a extend hard

    if i want to up Oleg Firmware what i need to do
    i read many decussion
    i see if i want to up oleg firmware ...need to type many coding
    must be input coding?...if do not do that ...what happen?
    have another easy way to up firmware................
    sorry for my poor english

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    If you don't understand and write English well enough, you should tell us your native language. Maybe somebody could help you then.

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    Let me guess...

    Let me guess alan168hk, think you are french !
    Right ?


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    i am chinese
    but i can understand litte bit of the english

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