First of all, I must say that I am not using Oleg's custom firmware, but OpenWrt RC5. This is because I have an Asus wl500g Premium and oleg's firmware is labeled as dangerous.

I've linked my HP Laserjet 1320 printer to the box usb. I wanted to set up a print server to use in my windows network.

First solution, as suggested by the howtos is the p9...smth package. It was perfect, quick to install, accesible from everywere quite easily. Until I noticed a problem: I was printing some large files in succession when the paper ran out. In the windows print queue, the jobs were still 'dissapearing' as if the printer was still continuing to print. I assume it was due to the files being sent to the printer (though I'm not really sure this is true, the files were too big to fit the memory....). Anyway, after replenishing the paper, the pages started printing. Most of them printed, but on a few pages, instead of the image there was PCL Error: Missing Image data.

Then I've tried to use CUPS, because it also does spooling. I set up the printer in RAW mode, using the http URI I connected it to windows; I'm using the HP printer driver on my XP machine.

Now here are the problems:
1. When I select multiple copies for any file, from any program in windows, only one single copie emerges out of the printer. How can I fix that?
2. I cannot see the printer in the windows shell, only the shares I did in samba. I dug a liitle and found out the package I installed does not have the cups support compiled. Is there a samba package for openwrt that has the cups support?

If there is another solution for my problem, I am happy to hear it. I am not very experienced with linux, therefore I am not familiar with the tools regulary used.

Thank you for your time and sorry for posting in this forum.