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Thread: Oleg's firmware, QoS on WL-500gP

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    Diffserv for QoS and VoIP

    I am a beginner with linux so i wonder if someone could help me with this...
    I want to connect a VoIP adapter to a LAN-port on WL-500g and to ensure that VoIP traffic have the priority over all other traffic on the other WLAN/LAN ports routed to/from internet on the WAN-port, I want to enable Diffserv. I know that my VoIP adapter has Diffserv support, but how do i check if availabe and furthermore enable Diffserv support in WL-500g ? state that linux kernel 2.4 has this implemented, but what kernel version do WL-500g have ? I would realy appreciate if someone could explain this in detail to a real newbie like me...


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    The WL-500g has support for QoS, but for Diffserv to work there will probably be some kernel options required which are not enabled (yet). Just try it and if there need to be extra kernel options, you'll have to build your own kernel (or ask another forum member to do it ).

    If this seems too difficult, try getting QoS for VOIP by configuring QoS using the webinterface or with Wondershaper.

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    I have looked into the QoS thing by using the WEB-interface, but with a VoIP adapter (Sipura SP-1000) witch uses a range of ports for RTP outbound traffic, it is difficult to figure out a way to use the WEB-interface to get a good result. I have used a Speedtouch 510i configured with Diffserv support so i hoped that my new WL-500g was able to do the same job..

    Someone else out there who have a clue about how to get Diffserv support up and running ..?

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    Well, I still think this ain't gonna work with the precompiled firmwares here, so if you don't want to build your own you can try the following:

    Use iptables to mark the portrange and then filter these marked packets using the Wondershaper script and place them in the high-priority queue.

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    You said you where using Speedtouch aswell or did you replace it with wl500g. If you use ST in front of the wl500g then that is where the ques will build and, QOS is not needed in wl500g, no?


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    The use of WL-500g is for another installation, (my brothers) so the WL-500g and ST wont be used together..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronak
    I have looked into the QoS thing by using the WEB-interface, but with a VoIP adapter (Sipura SP-1000) witch uses a range of ports for RTP outbound traffic, it is difficult to figure out a way to use the WEB-interface to get a good result. ...
    According to the Sipura documentation you can limit the number of ports used for RTP. If you limit the used ports I think you will be able to use the simple WEB-interface for the Upload Policy List and solve your needs by just adding a few lines on the list.

    Please keep us posted.
    From Sipura documentation:
    RTP Port Min> and <RTP Port Max> should define a range that contains at least 4 even number
    ports, such as 100 – 106

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    Another QoS question?

    Which is the easiest way to prioritize samba over everything else?

    When i watch movies on my xbox it sometimes stutter when i start a download.

    I dont need to set different ip:s and stuff. I just need to have samba as priority 1 and everything else second.

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    Question QOS - Info - wshaper

    Hi everyone,

    I recentry bought a WL500g Premium and installed the latest firmware provided by Oleg ( pre4 ).

    The reason I bought this router is because of the extended capabilities given by the linux software inside , and especialy I am attempting to implement QOS.

    The thing is that I want to be able to play CounterStrike and browse while a torrent is downloading.

    The whaper script provided in this distribution requires me to enter a number of values that are the limits for DL/UL of my internet connection ( real ones , not the ones advertized ). The thing is that the speed varies a lot , some days I have 300kbps on SpeedTest and some days I have 1200kbps ( the line is advertized as 1500kbps ).

    Does anyone have any ideea about a script that could solve this problem ?
    Here are my basic requirements :

    1. Low latency for ping , browsing and CounterStrike playing
    2. The shaper should not set boundries for the connection speed because I can't really tell what the speed will be tomorow
    3. At this moment the ping into the first computer from my ISP ( the isp gateway ) is very low ... like 10-15ms , but when a torrent is starting it jumps to a average of 300 , so alot ... so I am looking to eliminate this using this script

    Any ideas guys , anything could be apreciated , script examples anything

    thanks alot


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    500fP and QOS

    Could some1 navigate me what should I do to setup QOS on my 500gP

    so I want to do only one thing, I have 4 machines at home,
    and one of them is game machine, I would like to assign all
    data from game machine as top priority
    I manually asign ip to this machine (, other machines are downloading stuff or working over internet etc.
    the problem is that games (guildwars / cstrike etc) are stuttering and lagging now.

    Is there any help for me ?

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    In addition to this question: How is it done with the standard Asus firmware.

    The most likely answer as to QoS questions is: install Oleg firmware and install the QoS source. These are discussed elsewhere on the forum (search).

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    Oleg's firmware, QoS on WL-500gP

    Hi guys

    I'm new to the WL-gP and have a few questions. Or rather, 1 in particular.

    I bought this router on recommendations from various sites and ppl, because of it's excellent functionality etc.

    My main reason for getting a new router, is because I wan't VOIP to work properly, and not lag due to bandwidth issues. My old router does not have QoS.

    I figured that the Wl-gP did, but all I get is a bandwidth limiter, which I can't use for anything good.

    I want to be able to prioritize my VOIP connection, and I can't seem to get the Asus to perform this task.

    As far as I can tell, the firmware by Oleg has this capability?

    Now how do I upgrade to Oleg's firmware? I'm not _that_ knowledgeable in firmwares, and I have no idea how to go about changing the firmware.

    Is there a 'Oleg's firmware upgrade' for dummies?

    I need all the help I can get!

    Perhaps the answer is right here infront of me, but I'm at work, and haven't the time to browse the whole forum just yet.

    thanks in advance!


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    -> 4) FLASH THE FIRMWARE: You need to obtain the correct firmware for your router. In our case you go to - at the bottom of the page you will find the latest Oleg's firmware. Even though it says beta - it works fine. It is (x stands for any letter, I guess)
    4.1 Flash it onto the router.

    - put your router in recovery mode by disconnecting power, then keep reset button pressed (with a paper clip), conncet power, then wait about 5 seconds until router power light starts to blink slowly. This is recovery mode when router is awaiting an incoming tftp connection which will upload the new firmware,
    - open the ASUS recovery utility - that is basically a tftp client and I suspect it has a few extras with it - maybe it clears nvram or des something similar. It is available on your CD and on the ASUS support site with driver downlads.
    - choose your firmware file you downloaded to your PC e.g. WL500gx-
    - press upload button
    - IMPORTANT: your PC must be connected to the router by a cable not by wireless cnnection. I don't think the wireless might work in recovery mode, but still this is an important point to observe when uploading any firmware to any router, therefore I mention it here.
    - wait until it says "upload complete, router rebooting" or something like that.

    Here is a lot of useable information about new user Asus device:

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    i tried flashing with WL500gx- but al I get is ' Fail to connect to device' 'please check the light signals to see if the system recovery still is in

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    riiiiiiiiight.... it .. works.

    must just be a quirk.

    Now how do I get the QoS going? there's a wonderXXX something out there... whassits name..

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