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Thread: 10dBm signal drop with WL500GP. Used to be a lot better with Avaya USB client. Why??

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    Question 10dBm signal drop with WL500GP. Used to be a lot better with Avaya USB client. Why??


    I recently bought a WL-500G Premium, and I'm using it in "client mode"/Station mode like this (AP1 is Asus):

    The Asus is connected to an external antenna which is palaced outside my window.

    The first thing I noticed after hooking up the AP was that my Internet connection was a lot slower. Doing wl scan && wl scanresult confirmed my suspicion. I'm getting the following signal:

    Mode: Managed   RSSI: -94 dBm   noise: -99 dBm  Channel: 4
    BSSID: 00:0E:84:16:A8:A1        Capability: ESS ShortPre
    Supported Rates: [ 1(b) 2 5.5 6 9 11 12 18 24 36 48 54 ]

    This used to be -84, with a 11dB SNR, using my old Avaya Wirelss USB Client card, connected to the same external antenna. I basically lost 10dB by replacing the Avaya card with the Asus router.

    Why? Is the WL-500G (Premium) known for having bad signal strength? Is this an issue because I use an external antenna? Does the WL500GP maybe have a second internal antenne which I need to disable to have it only use the external one? Does the firmware have anything to do with this? Is it because I'm using the AP in "client mode"?

    I tried changing the "Wireless Mode" to "802.11B Only", and that improved the speed a bit, but it's still unbearable. I also boosted the antenna power to 84, which didn't do anything to my download speed. I get 48 kbit/s down and 2 073 kbit/s up

    Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?


    Tor Arne

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    I have similar problem on WL-500g Premium (using antenna included in router kit). I tried to set it up as a wireless client of Linksys WRT54G or Motorola WR850Gv2 using DD-WRT firmware. In B-mode Asus is loosing connection with the AP and reporting bad signal. In G-mode it doesn't work at all.

    ~ # wl status
    SSID: "SunWiFi"
    Mode: Managed RSSI: -94 dBm noise: -97 dBm Channel: 11
    BSSID: 00:14:BF:B2:28:02 Capability: ESS WEP
    Supported Rates: [ 1(b) 2(b) 5.5(b) 11(b) ]

    I tried the same with Motorola WR850Gv2 in wireless client mode (DD-WRT) and it works perfectly.

    Are there any known bugs that make WL-500g Premium unusable in wireless client mode ?

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    Thumbs down Wireless subsystem sux

    I tested with WL-500gP for 10 days of and i must say, that range and speed of Broadcom wireless part really sux compared to my old WL-500gx.
    And as I see, thats problem for a lot of people, but no response from Asus on their VIP forum. blah!

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    look at my thread. maybe it`s your problem too

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    Quote Originally Posted by kxs View Post
    look at my thread. ...
    Thanks for tip, but my antenna is OK connected to "Main".
    But I found another thing - power output in fw is 0.010-0.017W = max. 12.304dBm + 2dBi Asus antena = 14.304dBm but not only in our country is limit < 20dBm!

    With standard Asus antena you need to set Radio power to 63 (0.063W) to reach maximum allowed limit. This is possible in asus beta firmware - after set 63 u receive msg with warning about 10-17, but 63 is still set and after reset is aplicated. (Range, speed, signal strength is much better).

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