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Thread: Share USB Hardrive with media server

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    Share USB Hardrive with media server

    Is there anyway to get the media server to share files on an external hard drive? All i can see is the folders on the internal drive.

    Also, does the print server not work with all printers. I have a lexmark all in one type thing and i can set it up and install the drivers and all that but whenever i print anything it never reaches the printer.

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    the mediacenter (mt-daapd - itunes) should initalize all media files from all connected usb devices

    maybe your usb devide is formated with unknow filesystem ( ntfs ? )
    so that it can be mounted

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    It's formated in whatever filesystem the box uses as that's what i used to fomat it.

    The only folders that show up on my media player are the one's on myshare1. I assume the usbdisc folder if for a usb pen drive as there is nothing in there either.

    It doesn't really matter as it won't stream video anyway. It only streams for about a second then jams up. Kind of disapointing seeing as that was the whole reason i bought it.

    Oh well.

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