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Thread: Firmware v1.8.1.3 (Qualification Test)

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    BigPond support doesn't work (wrong auth domain)

    Quote Originally Posted by Matthew
    Uploaded this early today.

    The pond came up and all is good.

    Its looking in funny places ( for sm-server but it just keeps logging on. It works. what more do i need? Apart from olegs nice logs and telnet and other nice things i don't know how to use.

    All Good

    Bigpond support in does not work for me. They are trying to contact (which no longer exists since earlier this year). They should be using the WAN domain that the DHCP server gives you (which will be for me) and sm-server as the hostname.

    Anyway, I've added BigPond support to Oleg's latest customized firmware, and this message is coming to you through a connection kept up by that bpalogin executable.

    -- Rod (how do I tell Asus that their BigPond support is stuffed?)

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    Has anyone tested this firmware with bittorrent? Are the problems relating to bittorrent/emule (connection killed) gone on this release?
    Asus supossed to post the new firmware in JUNE on ehtir webpage, but all their developers appear to have taken a LONG summer vacation because you cannot see any official movement for the WL-500g

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    i have upgrad to the, from the 1.4... no prob during the upgrade.

    but now i have 2 questions:

    1- in my hearly version i had the WLan firewall, how can i "firewall" the trafic from the WLan to the LAn?

    2- the DHCP server, had 2 NetWork ID´s, for LAN, for the WLAN How can i have this again? this i think is very useful !

    3- And how can i Block the access to the from the WLAN?

    tks for the help


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    i cannot downgrade my wl500g from to
    i give a static ip to my computer......
    next i power off the asus router.....the connection break...(its normal)
    but when i power on my wl500g in restoration mod ...the network connection dont back and the signal of router is not detect in restoration mode
    help meeeee pleasse!!! if you can
    p:s sorry my bad english
    i wait for help replys

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