(I have posted this originally on the WL-500gp forum, but
the problem probably applies also to other WL-500g models).

I just bought a WL-500gp. For now, I am using the stock
ASUS firmware ( -- I just wanna see if everything works
as expected.

I have set the router into "Mode of Operation: Access Point".
The wireless connection runs fine (my client can ping the router),
and if I connect several computers in the LAN ports, they can
all see each other as part of the same network.

Now, if I understood correctly, in AP mode the LAN, WAN, and WLAN
nets should all be bridged together. Well, they aren't! If I connect
a PC on a LAN port and another on the WAN port, they can't see
each other anymore. Also, WLAN clients cannot see LAN clients.

Following the advice on this forum, I have also tried setting the
mode to "Home Gateway", disabling the firewall, and then setting
the mode back to "Access Point", but it still does not work. The
WAN port refuses to give signals of life.

Is there something obvious that I am missing?
Thanks in advance for your help,