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Thread: Apache 3.0 on WL-HDD+

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    Apache 3.0 on WL-HDD+

    I've recently installed on my WL-HDD. It is very impressive and, particularly because it solves my WPA-PSK-TKIP-as-client problem, which the Asus firmware does not solve, I love it.

    I do have a problem though; I have a couple of devices (notably a Hauppauge MediaMVP running mvpmc) which use the Linux CIFS (but not SMB) implementation. Amongst other things, CIFS uses GENERIC_(READ|WRITE) for file access, but Samba 2.0.10 (i.e. that which is included in doesn't implement this. Samba 3.0 is known to work, Samba 2.2 is suspected to work.

    Has someone written a HOWTO for getting Samba 3.0 (or at a pinch, 2.2) to work in this setup?

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    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    Thanks macsat, I've copied that ipk onto the device, but I'm not entirely clear on how to use it (, obviously, but umm... unwritable /, missing dependencies, ...). Before I walk through the various random guesses that I've made, is there a HOWTO somewhere on a workable way to make use of .ipks in this environment?

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    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    Great instructions, thank you. I now have a new problem, but I'm not the first:

    [admin@wlhdd /opt]$ etc/init.d/S80samba start
    Starting smbd:
    Bad system call
    Starting nmbd:
    [admin@wlhdd /opt]$

    This appears to be essentially the same problem as this one:,next
    Any thoughts?

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