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Thread: Connecting a LCD to the WL500g

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    Seems your selected lcd has no linux driver support, so better not buy...
    However, has (dont know others atm), and the driver is actually in later linux kernel trees (2.4.20+), so it should be no big problem to get the driver running on wl500 (uses lcdproc for intput then).

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    How to display ports of connected PCs?

    Hi there!

    Is it possible, to show which ports are being used by PCs connected to the router? Something like a local 'neststat' output. Should display wired and wlan PCs.
    Can i use the netstat command on the router (via telnet) for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    what was your openwrt version? could u provide some king of guide to do the install?

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    I've made a bunch of OpenWrt tutorials here:
    macsat - Tutorials and information on using ASUS WL-500G and family.

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    i also looking for somthing like that to build in lcd in wl500g thats would be cool...

    Unfortunately that doesnt have that devices at stock anymore... so im looking for similar...

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