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Thread: Connecting a LCD to the WL500g

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    Connecting a LCD to the WL500g


    Here's an image of my work in progress

    This is a HD44780 LCD connected to the parallel port of the ASUS WL-500g.
    I'm powering it from the USB port.
    I'm using OpenWRT as the firmware and lcdproc as the software to drive the LCD.
    lcdproc was patched to use ppdev (/dev/parports/0) with the HD44780 driver instead of using inb/outb x86 instructions to communicate with the parallel port.
    I also made a parallel port driver for the asus so that the binary 2.4.5 modules from the asus firmware aren't needed anymore.
    I'll release the source code of the parallel port driver and the patch to lcdproc soon
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