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Thread: open jpeg files from alert email in linux

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    Red face open jpeg files from alert email in linux

    hey guys,

    is someone here who knows which programm can open the jpeg( i think they are no stanard jpgs) files which the wl500g is sending from webcam to email adress if alert is on? must be a linux programm. in windows photoshop did that, but im finished with windows....


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    Re: open jpeg files from alert email in linux

    I tried this some weeks ago, and got webcam alert emails with less than 20 bytes of data. This must be wrong, and it seems the application does not work.

    I looked a little bit into the GPL source code provided by Asus, and I suspect that the email program that they use are not handling attachments well (this is just a wild guess, but it seems the email program interprets a special character as an "end of file", and this may not work with jpeg coded attachments).

    It also seems the webcam program submits an alert at once when it is turned on, and then does not submit any new alerts, even if you take a long break and come back jumping in front of the camera.

    Anoybody else with experience/ideas on this?

    Best regards,

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    i can confirm that the jpeg files are to small, but you're able to open them with adobe photoshop. (just try it). but i havn't found an linux programm which is doing the same.

    yes i think there sould be a message per minute limit. every time if my dog is running in front of the cam, it sends a bunch of messages for each movement. the best thing would be if someone moves in front of the cam it takes ~3 pics, send it in one email. and if the subject leaves the focus, and re-enter it make 3 more. but only on re-entering,not on every move! it is a bit annoying to get a sms on my mobile everytime my dog is moving (and is making trouble )

    so everybody know a unix programm?


    sorry for my bad english

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