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Thread: Skype Dual Phone

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    Skype Dual Phone

    There is any possibility to run Skype client on this router and use a USB Skype sound device like Skype Dual Phone ?
    This phone have menu option to display and call online Skype contacts so can be use without need to have access to Skype client.
    I use this phone for 3 month and it's work perfect on Windows Skype client , but my main disappointment is I have to let my PC always open !
    I'd like to know also if anybody managed to run Skype client on this router with any other USB sound device

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    skype not supported -> use pocket PC or asterix (SIP phone)

    Unfortunately skype is not supported.
    That is because there is no console client, nor skype library, nor sources available for linux.

    Skype is only available for windows, mac, linux_x86 (X-windows client only) and pocket PC.

    I've considered buying a pocket pc for about 400USD equiped with WiFi and GPS to use it as skype-phone and GPS navigation -> it could be a good solution until some skype sources are available for linux.

    Alternatively you can make a SIP phone from this router - there was a package named asterix (or somethink like that)

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